4 Important (and Smart) Reasons to Give Personal Training a Try

Why Our Personal Trainers In Tucson Are Right For You


Whether you have just started visiting one of our boxing gyms in Tucson or you are a seasoned boxer, having a personal trainer can make a huge difference in your workout program and in achieving the goals you have set.

There are a million reasons (this could be an exaggeration) out there showing why signing up with a personal trainer is beneficial. We’re giving you these four:

Reason #1:

You discuss and design a program customized just for you. Once a conversation takes place to establish your goals then he/she will create an exercise plan that will produce maximized results. Goals can be defined as gaining strength, learning specific athletic skills, improving cardiovascular endurance, gaining muscle, losing body fat, or even becoming a professional fighter. Personal trainers also need to know if you have a history of injuries or any disabilities to make sure that the program is formed to be appropriate and safe specifically for you.

Reason #2:

You receive 100% of a trainer’s attention. Group fitness classes are fun and can still be taken in combination with your personal training program. At times, though, these classes can be so intense and choreographed to fit into a specific time frame that it is difficult to keep up and can frustrate you. A personal trainer will consistently go over every move, punch, and kick with you until it is perfected. This is beneficial because you will learn to meet goals while perfecting your technique, and will be given the advantage of performing at your own pace. You also have the ability to adjust your training program to make sure you get the desired results while enjoying the process to its full potential.

Reason #3:

You are provided with emotional and motivational support. Everyone gets caught up in things and forgets how powerful they really are. Stress, work, and bad moods get in the way of everyone’s psyche. People quickly give up without trying to look deeper inside themselves to realize their strengths, or to pat themselves on the back. We all experience struggles like this. By signing up with one of our Personal Trainers, they will constantly give you encouragement, and tell and show you that you’re strong and able to jump hurdles and reach your goals…whatever it takes. When you need that extra push or someone to lean on personal training sessions detrimentally help you achieve great results. You’ll know that there’s always someone who cares about you achieving your goals, and will make sure you’re full of positive energy and reveling in the process.

Reason #4:

You gain mental clarity which in the end will make your days better and more productive. You won’t only experience boxer abs, sculpted shoulders and cut calves; you also fight brain fog. If you experience moments where you are unable to concentrate during the day or find yourself zoning out, you could be experiencing inflammation of the brain. Meeting with a personal trainer, even just twice a week could help you clear your mind. This can help you in everyday activities, such as work, driving, family time, etc. Not only will you train like a fighter, you will find it easier to be more aware of your surroundings and concentrate on mindfulness.

Whether you are a major fan of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or regular boxing, the array of disciplines you can sign up for with our trainers is extensive. You will put every inch of your limbs—hands, elbows, knees, and feet—to work. Not only will you see physical results, but you will find the stilling of your mind and discovering inner peace comes easily as well.

Our trainers know what to do to help you get faster and reliable results. Irrespective of what your fitness goals are, a professional boxing trainer always pushes your limits and journeys with you on your climb to success. All you need to do is trust them and give them time. Just remember they are trainers and not magicians. It takes you to step into the ring and find your fight. They’ll coach you along the way and show you the expertise, so you’ll realize it is within you to make the magic of getting into shape a reality.

Keep those fingers, we mean boxing gloves, crossed and your personal trainer will take you above and beyond your expectations. Learn to love throwing punches and whip yourself into fighting form.

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