Benefits of Doing CrossFit Exercises at Home 

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Not so long ago, we brought you some CrossFit exercises you can do when at home, in a hotel room, or when you just can’t get to a gym or Crossfit classes in Tucson. Today, we want to take this one step further and explain why CrossFit is one of the best things you can do (both inside and outside of the class).

You can’t get to a class, you’ve read our guide on home CrossFit exercises, but why should you choose this over other home exercises? Good question!

Quick, Easy, and Intense

Firstly, CrossFit is all about non-stop movement. Although this can be taxing, and you might have to dig deep, you know that it will all be over in around 15 minutes. By the end, you’ll be sweating, but you’ll also feel great.

What’s more, your workout is likely to include simple things like squats and burpees and these are exercises that can be done in even the smallest of hotel rooms. If you’ve never done CrossFit in Tucson before, you’ll keep going for a certain period of time. Rather than stopping at a set limit, you keep going for as many rounds as you can until the time is up.

Ultimately, you don’t need any equipment, it can be done in a small space, and it only takes up 15 to 20 minutes of your day. You learn more about the history of Crossfit by visiting some of our other posts about it. 

personal trainers in TucsonBuilds Motivation and Resilience

Since the limits are different in CrossFit, one of the underlying themes is that you’re actually pushing your mind and body further than it normally would while exercising. We’ve all had gym sessions where we start on the bike, ride for a few minutes, and spend the rest of the time half-heartedly walking between machines. With CrossFit, you won’t get away with this lackluster mindset.

Rather than sneaking in longer breaks, you’re forced into giving your all for the set time. Over time, pushing yourself to new limits will only be helpful. Not only will it help with fitness, but it also provides resilience for life in general. Just when you think you can’t give any more, you’ll know where to go to find something extra.

Whole Body Workout

Of course, there are benefits to weightlifting circuits and climbing steps, so we aren’t saying you should stop doing this altogether. But the advantage of getting involved with CrossFit exercises is that you’re pushing the whole body to its limit. If you’ve ever heard somebody say that CrossFit’s specialty is the fact that it doesn’t specialize, this is exactly what they mean.

All areas of your body get a workout, and this means you’re always alert and never bored. This is especially important when preparing for a Crossfit tournament

Heart and Joints

Since your heart rate will be high for a prolonged period of time, this boosts your endurance. Suddenly, you won’t get tired so easily on a normal day. Also, your heart will thank you in the long-term (in an era where heart disease is so common!).

Elsewhere, the different functional movements in a typical workout will help the joints. As you become more flexible, you’re also less susceptible to injury.

Get Started Now

When you first start with CrossFit, it can be intense and giving up will always look attractive. As long as you don’t give in and you combine your home workouts with real classes, you’ll soon transform both the body and mind.

With classes, you’ll pick up the right habits and ensure you have correct form with each exercise. If you’re lucky with the class, you’ll even meet new people and improve your social life!


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