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While going to the gym and attending exercise classes is a great way to stay fit, the brilliant thing about CrossFit is that there are plenty of exercises you can do no matter where you are in the world. Even if you have no equipment, we’ve compiled a list of CrossFit exercises you can do at home after missing a class! 

Burpee-Sprint Challenge 

To start, we’re heading straight into the burpee-sprint challenge which involves 10 burpees, running on the spot (or across the garden or park), and then more burpees. For around two minutes, give everything you have and really pump the legs and arms if you’re running on the spot. Between rounds, allow yourself three minutes to relax and, well, breathe. 

AMRAP (Five Minutes) 

If you’re reading this because you want to see what CrossFit entails before you join a class, ‘AMRAP’ means that you need to do ‘as many reps/rounds’ as possible within the permitted time. With this particular exercise, we’re going to suggest air squats, push-ups, and then sit-ups. If you can do ten of each on a continual cycle for five minutes, you won’t feel bad for missing class just this once. 

100/100/100 Challenge 

If you’re limited with space and you can’t really do any running, this 100/100/100 exercise will be perfect. Sticking with the same three exercises – push-ups, sit-ups, and squats – there’s no time limit but you need to complete 100 of each. Of course, we aren’t saying you can spread them out over three days until your next CrossFit class but pace yourself and use this as a marker for your fitness levels. 

If you throw in 100 pull-ups (for those with a pull-up bar), this is called ‘Angie’ and the WOD calculator suggests 20 minutes as a respectable time. 

Half-Mile Run and Burpees

If you want to get out and about, why not try three rounds of running and burpees? After half a mile, complete a round of burpees and then get back to your feet to complete another half mile. Rather than the more intense challenges we’ve offered so far, this is one for the long-distance runners because it combines long aerobic exercises with shorter anaerobic exercises. 

One-Mile Run and Burpees

Sticking with the runners for a moment, this one is the favorite WOD for many because it rewards running at pace. All you need to do is run one mile – sort of. Every minute on the minute (EMOM), you’ll need to do five burpees. The faster you can run that mile, the less frequently you’ll be stopped to perform burpees. 


Much like Angie, there are a number of other WODs with names including Cindy, Grace, Murph, Linda, and Fran; many of these use bodyweight exercises alone so suit those who missed their class. For now, we want to focus on Chelsea which will see you perform five pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats EMOM for 30 minutes. If you don’t have anything that will allow for pull-ups, replace this with sit-ups or a short sprint. 


Finally, all you need to do for this one is air squats and push-ups. As the name suggests, you’ll do 21 reps of each for the first set, 15 reps for the second set, and then nine reps for the third and final set. Alongside the five-minute AMRAP exercise at the beginning, this is one of the best to try if you’re still a beginner. 

contact our gym for more infoCatching up on missed classes while home or on vacation when preparing for a Crossfit tournament is important. Like any sport, practice is necessary for developing your skillset and increasing your chances of winning.

With these exercises, you don’t have to feel bad after missing a CrossFit class and you even have some exercises for trips away and vacations! 

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