Group Classes Fit Like a Glove

Everywhere we look these days, health and wellness surround us. From appetite to lifestyle, to Kale instead of Yale T-shirts. Seems all so peaceful and smooth-going, right? Well, we are the wake-up call. There is getting in shape and getting fit, and then there is seeing how fighting for it is the future.

If you’ve been following fitness trends such as Yoga, that’s fine. You feel you are working out efficiently and effectively. But have you ever felt like you needed to turn up the intensity a notch? If you have found your boundaries and want to learn how to step outside of them, choose a high-energy, full-body workout that’s in formation as a group.

With boxing classes, you find new ways to not just meet your goals, but surpass them and find new ones to seek. You’d be surprised at how much fun it is to punch stuff. Add in meeting new friends and helping each other positively, and everything is in the punching bag.

Boxing classes can easily burn as much as 1,000 calories per session. Plus, thanks to the fact that they are high-intensity training, you not only burn tons of calories during each session but for hours after the showdown has ended. This is called the after-burn effect, meaning the more intense the exercise, the more oxygen your body consumes afterward. Typical cardio activities do not have this post-training calorie burning effect. This is why our classes are the most effective when it comes to losing weight.

Since teamwork makes the fitness dream work, we have listed a few different types of “fighting” style classes that offer fun and fitness:

Boxing Classes:

Participate in jumping rope, footwork, bag work, partner mitt drills, defensive skills, plyometrics exercise drills, all with an emphasis on dialing in the fundamentals of boxing while getting a great full-body workout.

Kickboxing Classes: 

This high-energy class consists of footwork, bag work, partner mitt drills, partner shield work, all mixed with bodyweight strength training.

MMA Classes:

Mixed Martial Arts classes combine boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, clinch work, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, grappling, and wrestling. Learn new moves and gain new motivation.

Muay Thai Classes:

With techniques including kicks, punches and the extensive use of knees and elbows, Muay Thai is often referred to as the science of 8 limbs.

Sparring Classe:

Go toe-to-toe with an opponent in full headgear, a mouthpiece, and 16 oz. gloves. This is all-out training for fighting-based exercise.

Why Group Classes With Boxing Inc?

personal trainers in TucsonPerks of boxing classes include enhanced cardiovascular health, improved total-body strength, better hand-eye coordination, decreased stress, and improved body composition. You’ll find yourself thinking clearer and losing inches, quickly. Also, since these are such high workout techniques you increase bone density, which will reduce the odds of developing osteoporosis later in life.

Plus, you won’t even notice you are working out with these types of classes because you will be having plain, old-fashioned fun. Being timid and emotions are left at the door. Anyone is welcome, at any level.

Workout groups can work wonders for your exercise routine. Testimonials from members of fighting to fitness style gyms include the following: “It feels like a second home to me. Definitely found a second family.” Plus, you feel a sense of group camaraderie. These types of classes are truly one of the best ways to meet people and develop a common bond while getting into the best shape possible. All of the positive fitness aspects you gain are rewarding and fulfilling. You walk away with focus and something to strive for.

Each boxing class utilizes cardio and balance, improving the ability to be nimble and always on your toes. This can be beneficial in self-defense and being more aware of your surroundings. It never hurts to learn more skills to having your own back in today’s highly-populated world. Boxing classes not only get you in shape, they also make you more aware and ready for whatever life might throw your way.

Each time you enter a class you’ll get better and better at the techniques. Practice makes perfect. And, as the old saying goes if at first, you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again. Go all out for a knockout physique and take on a new hobby. Step inside the ring and meet your match. It beats running on a treadmill and you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

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