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personal trainers in TucsonIf you are part of the Boxing Inc Crossfit team, then you know how passionate we are about Crossfit. If you are not a member of our gym, but you’re curious about trying out a Crossfit class in Tucson, you have landed on the right page. You can show up today for a free trial class if you’re feeling really ambitious, otherwise, you can continue reading to learn a little more about Crossfit and how this awesome workout came to be.

Over the years, we’ve seen plenty of trends come and go when it comes to exercise and trying to get fit. Often, they come along, grab the attention of a particular niche, enjoy some success, but then eventually fade out. With CrossFit, we have a trend that has quickly become a staple not only in the United States but in many other countries too. Although starting as a trend, CrossFit is more popular now than ever before and we’re going to look into the history of how it all began.

Greg Glassman

Whenever you research CrossFit, you’re likely to come across the name Greg Glassman and this is because Greg is the founder of this particular branded fitness regimen. Although founded in 2000 alongside Lauren Jenai, the foundations of the regimen can actually be traced back to before the turn of the millennium.

crossfit founder greg glassmanIn his teens, Glassman was training as a gymnast and, like many gymnasts, he wanted to improve his strength. At the time, most gymnasts were working with bodyweight exercises alone. However, Glassman decided to get creative and he started working out with barbells and dumbbells too. Alongside his hobby of cycling with friends, he noticed how much fitter and stronger he became by simply doing more than just bodyweight exercises. While there may have been people out there that were better than him in one specific area, not many could compete across multiple areas…and this formed the basis for CrossFit. From this foundational point, Crossfit was born and has influenced many gyms across the world to embrace and compete in Crossfit.  We pride ourselves on being the most welcoming and engaged Crossfit gym in Tucson

The beginning of CrossFit Workouts

In the 1990s, Glassman designed workouts that would match the short but intense nature of a gymnastic performance. Eventually, the workouts would come to include aspects of calisthenics (bodyweight exercises), aerobic training, and weightlifting. Described as a ‘strength and conditioning’ program, the main goal is to improve fitness by training the body in a number of functional movements across a number of fields. Many Crossfit instructors are in such amazing shape, they often become personal trainers and help other members through the transformation process. 

For those who have been in a CrossFit gym, you’ll know that they boast barbells and dumbbells like a normal gym but they also offer pull-up bars, gymnastic rings, kettlebells, rowing machines, plyo boxes, resistance bands, and more. Although originally designed for gymnastics, the training includes calisthenics, plyometrics, bodyweight exercises, indoor rowing, Olympic weightlifting, running, swimming, Strongman events, aerobic exercises, and many more. Cross-sport enthusiasts are commonly seen training Crossfit as part of their fitness regimen. Football players, boxers, jiu-jitsu practitioners, MMA fighters, kickboxers, Muay Thai fighters, many of them benefit from the intense training that Crossfit provides when the limits are pushed. 

Continued Success

After launching a gym in Santa Cruz, California, Glassman quickly earned himself a list of private clients and started doubling up clients and running group classes as more and more people were interested in the idea. What’s more, he was even hired to bring his training techniques to the Santa Cruz Police Department. Once he realized the CrossFit themes could be taught well and safely to a group of people, this was the start of the community that still shines brightly today.

After five years of the first CrossFit gym being established, the name was trademarked and it turned into the brand many have come to know and love. Soon enough, an affiliated gym launched in Seattle, Washington, and 13 different locations had launched by 2005. Compared to what was to come, this was actually a steady start. Today, there’s thought to be over 13,000 different CrossFit locations with around half of these in the US. After a divorce from Jenai, Glassman paid $16 million for her share and now stands as the sole owner.

For those who are looking for a high-intensity workout that trains the whole body and improves overall fitness, CrossFit is a fine choice and it continues to develop even today. What’s more, the WOD (Workout of the Day) keeps CrossFit interesting and different with each workout.

Boxing Inc is excited to represent the sport and we are passionate about the training and competitions. We have a wide variety of Tucson residents that come in and train with us. Not everyone has a desire to compete, some are just looking to change up their exercise routine and lose some weight. Regardless of your reason, we welcome you with open arms and encourage you to stop by today for a trial class. You will find that our instructors and the Tucson residents that train here at our gym will quickly feel like family. This is the environment we pride ourselves on creating, a gym for anyone in Tucson looking to better their health!

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