Preparing for Your First CrossFit Competition

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If you’re approaching your first CrossFit competition in Tucson, you’re in the right place because we have some fantastic advice for you today. We’re going to launch straight into it by saying that your score on the leaderboard doesn’t matter. This might sound strange, but your scores will only be positive if you’re able to execute everything for which you’ve trained and studied. At Boxing Inc, our Crossfit gym in Tucson AZ has programs that are designed to help you reach peak performance, but come competition day it’s going to be up to you to perform and execute with precision. 

In the past (learn more about Crossfit history), some of the most skilled athletes performed extremely well in training yet they couldn’t maintain the same standards when everyone was watching. Rather than worrying about your scores, worry about executing and the scores WILL follow.

After this, pay attention to the following tips!


Why risk forgetting something important when you can write a list and tick items off as you go? As soon as they announce the activities, you want to know that everything you need is in the bag (the last thing you want is to be frantically searching your bag!). While on the note of packing, don’t make the mistake of only bringing one t-shirt.  If you sweat buckets during the first WOD, you’ll have to be uncomfortable for the rest of the day. This holds true especially if you are competing outside of Tucson. Local competitions can afford you the luxury of having a buddy drop off some extra gear, but if you are traveling, make a checklist!

Prepare Physically

Tucson Crossfit GymWhen it comes to CrossFit competitions, ‘training’ isn’t enough. Rather than aimlessly strolling through exercises in which you feel comfortable, sit down with a trainer (or by yourself) and write a training plan with defined goals. There’s no cheating a CrossFit competition, you need to do the hard work in the gym, eat right, and then you can call on it on the big day. Competitions are intense, and it’s extremely important to prepare physically and remember to never stop pushing!

Prepare Mentally

It’s all well and good preparing physically, but you simply cannot forget the mental side of any sport. As we said previously, we’ve seen many people who are in the shape of their lives, but they don’t take the time to prepare mentally. Therefore, they freeze on the big stage or let the nerves take over. In some cases, they get over-excited and tire their muscles before even starting.

Even if you need to speak to a sports psychologist or read a couple of books, you should be able to walk into the venue with confidence. We would never expect you to be free from nerves, some nerves can be healthy. However, you shouldn’t be so overwhelmed that it affects your physical performance.

For the best competitors, they’re able to get into a zone before an event and just concentrate on one single goal; putting in a strong performance and remembering how to execute.

Accept the Judges’ Scores

If you get frustrated that the judge didn’t give a rep, you’ll have ruined the whole day in a single moment. Rather than allowing yourself to lose focus and waste energy, accept the decision and continue working hard.

Concentrate on What YOU Can Control

If you’re moved to a different heat or the workout time changes, there’s nothing you can do but accept these changes and keep concentrating. Why get frustrated and angry when these sorts of things aren’t in your control anyway?

Extra Tips

Here are some more tips that will help in your first CrossFit competition;

  • Never use brand-new gear
  • Bring a camping chair to relax between events
  • Stay hydrated and eat a big breakfast for slow-releasing energy
  • Warm up and cool down for each event
  • Don’t overcompensate if one event doesn’t go as planned (stick to the plan!)
  • Use the restroom around 20 minutes before each WOD
  • Don’t compare yourself to other athletes (just do what you can do!)
  • Stay calm, stay positive, and HAVE FUN

personal trainers in TucsonTo learn more about our Crossfit program in Tucson, check out our class schedule and come in for a trial. Our group classes are designed for everyone!

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