Tips For Improving Cardiovascular Health

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Accounting for 25% of all deaths in the United States, heart disease has been the most common cause of death for many years. Common in both men and women, it’s believed that almost half of the population have at least one of the three heart disease risk factors;

High LDL cholesterol

High blood pressure


If you’re worried about your cardiovascular health, the good news is that positive habits and changes in lifestyle can lead to improvement (and a decrease to the risk of serious health problems). Simple solutions like joining Boxing Inc can be the difference between having heart disease, and not having heart disease. We offer a wide variety of classes at our Tucson locations that include Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, and CrossFit. This wide range of classes that we offer ensures that there is something for everyone regardless of the condition you are currently in and your age.


Nick Rhoads Boxing Champ TuconsOf all the tips we’re going to provide you within this list, this is perhaps the easiest; all you have to do is go to bed at a reasonable time and allow your body (and mind!) seven hours to rest and recuperate. According to one study, those who got their seven hours (compared to a group with five or even nine hours) had less calcium in the arteries. Calcium, when in the arteries, is an early heart disease warning. If you are having troubles sleeping, our very own Nyquil Nick Rhoads would be happy to lay the snooze button on you ;^} 

Improve Your Diet

Unless you’re in the tiny percentage of people who have a brilliant diet and are able to eat foods that provide their body with all the important nutrients, there are always ways to improve what you consume. As well as fruits and vegetables, make sure you’recreative cooking techniques getting whole grains, nuts, vegetable oils, beans, and other foods that keep your heart (and the whole circulatory system!) healthy. With a good diet, your body becomes the perfect tool for the next tip. During the summer in Arizona, it’s easier to choose healthier eating options. The extreme temperatures call for smaller portions and healthier foods. For instance, a salad is much more appealing during the summer months than steak, potatoes, and gravy. If you live here in Tucson, you know that eating heavy during the hot summer months can really bog you down.

As well as introducing good foods, we also recommend staying away from unhealthy foods. While the odd treat is always a good thing, you shouldn’t have a diet consisting solely of burgers, processed meats, deep-fried foods, fizzy drinks, and sweets.

Get Regular Exercise

classes offered at boxing incWe hope there’s nobody reading who thought they were going to get away from this one! With a sedentary lifestyle, you increase the risk of not only cardiovascular disease but also obesity, cancer (some forms), type 2 diabetes, and a number of other health conditions. With extended periods of inactivity, the body loses control over blood sugar levels, metabolism reduces, fat can’t be broken down, and it also becomes nearly impossible to regulate blood pressure too. This is another reason why joining a gym during the summer months is so important. It’s next to impossible to go outside in Tucson and exercise during the summer, you need a safe, indoor facility with air conditioning to keep you cool while you exercise. Exercising in those extreme Arizona temperatures is not recommended.

Often, people think you have to train for a marathon or become an athlete…this isn’t the case. If you’re not used to exercising frequently, there’s nothing wrong with walking. From here, you can introduce cycling, jogging, or even a little swim. personal trainers in TucsonComing down to Boxing Inc for a free trial class will also introduce you to some exercise options you may not be familiar with. We offer kickboxing classes, Crossfit, BJJ, Muay Thai, and cardio boxing and conditioning. We also have personal trainers on staff to help motivate you to reach your weight loss goals.

If you’re worried about motivation, the best thing you can do is find something you enjoy. Rather than forcing yourself to get on a treadmill, why not try boxing? Why not try jiu-jitsu or Crossfit? Why not join Boxing Inc and get your exercise this way? Why not attend fun gym classes? Why not do a combination of all these things and keep exercise fun? In addition to all the fun you will have training, the relationships that you build within the Gym are priceless. Finding other like-minded Tucsonans that share a common interest in health and fitness is a great way to start new friendships and make new connections.

Lifestyle Changes

Finally, there are also things you can do with your lifestyle to improve cardiovascular health. First things first, lose the cigarettes. As the lining of your arteries are destroyed, fatty deposits can build thus narrowing the arteries, causing angina, and increasing the risk of a stroke or heart attack. What’s more, the oxygen/blood ratio is thrown off due to the carbon monoxide in cigarettes. If you can stop smoking, you’ll instantly remove one of the risk factors discussed previously. By the way, Smokin Joe Frazier didn’t get his nickname because of poor lifestyle habits, we promise you that!

To limit the other two – high blood pressure and high LDL cholesterol – we advise visiting your doctor for regular checkups. With small steps and by following the advice we’ve provided today, you can really set your cardiovascular health up for success rather than failure!


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