Kimberly Card

Maintaining an active lifestyle has always been of paramount importance to Kimberly, studying and teaching various styles of dance for years. Kimberly unearthed her passion for boxing after becoming a Boxing Inc member back in 2012. At first, her primary objective was to get physically fit after the birth of her third child. She instantly became hooked to how strong the classes made her feel, both physically and mentally. After taking a brief break from boxing to focus on her career as a paralegal and a part time Zumba instructor, she rejoined the newest North side location. Kimberly emerged herself in classes and also tried new aspects unfamiliar to her, such as sparring and Muay Thai. Shortly after her return to boxing, she discovered she would be welcoming her fifth child to her family. Undeterred, she continued to training for the entire 9 months of pregnancy, with her last class being just two days before delivering her baby! As a result of her tenacity, she began training with staff to become an instructor just 3 weeks after birth. Kimberly enjoys helping people reach their fitness goals as an instructor. When she’s not in the gym, she enjoys dancing and trying to keep up with her 5 children!

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