Nathan Olivo

7 years ago, Nate describes himself as the guy who ran out of breath walking from his car to order fried chicken. Wanting to feel a bit healthier, but hating the hamster wheel feeling of a traditional globe gym, he tried the gym a friends was teaching BJJ at, which lead him to Boxing Inc. In a stereotypical grappling love story, he was strangled in numerous and increasingly humiliating ways and immediately fell in love. Years later, he has earned his purple belt as well as a family of tight-knit assassins. Nate continues to enjoy training and claims that he never runs out of breath to order fried chicken (Nathan admits his nutrition still needs some dialing in).  During his BJJ and fitness journey, Nathan has begun teaching BJJ and Crossfit. The reward of sharing what he has learned and watching people transform their lives is what Nathan loves about being an instructor at Boxing Inc.