Nicolon Toyota-Sharpe

Nicolon began wresting in high school, and continued on to become a dedicated wrestler throughout college. After his wrestling career had ended, he felt a void in his life that just lifting weights couldn’t fill. Nicolon’s love of boxing and kickboxing began after college, when Nicolon moved to China where he was introduced to the sport. When he returned to the U.S., a friend of his told him about Boxing Incorporated. Nicolon went in for a trial class and was immediately hooked. Nicolon loved the class structure and the intensity that went along with it, and found it much more motivating to work out with a group of people with similar goals and a like mindset. After working out at Boxing Inc. for around two years, Nicolon was hired on as an instructor. As an instructor he strives to bring a challenging cardio workout mixed with the right amount of boxing technique so that students feel they are getting good workout while still improving their boxing skills.

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