Zac Aikin

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Kelsey Walcott

Kelsey’s passion for fitness was sparked by taking the women’s kickboxing classes in 2012. After taking boxing and kickboxing classes for several years, Kelsey tried Crossfit and immediately fell in […]

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Nick “Nyquil” Rhoads

Nick “Nyquil” Rhoads is a very well known MMA fighter in Tucson AZ and teaches Boxing and Kickboxing classes and Youth Classes. Nick started boxing when he was 13 years […]

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Nicolon Toyota-Sharpe

Nicolon began wresting in high school, and continued on to become a dedicated wrestler throughout college. After his wrestling career had ended, he felt a void in his life that […]

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John Pasadilla

John Pasadilla has been a member of Boxing Inc since 2010. Though he frequented the boxing classes for years, he found his real passion for fitness when he started taking […]

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Kirsten Peregrina

Kirsten joined Boxing Incorporated back in 2012. Like many of our Crossfit instructors, she took the boxing classes for years before finding her passion for Crossfit. Kirsten earned her Crossfit […]

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Patrick Celix

Patrick fell in love with the sport of Boxing at the young age of 14 and became a team member of Boxing Inc in 2010. Patrick says that the mental and […]

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Frank Ruiz

Frank started taking kickboxing classes at Boxing Incorporated back in 2014. His goal was to learn self-defense while simultaneously getting in better shape. One day, Frank decided to mix up […]

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Brianna Gamez

Fitness has always been an important aspect of Briana’s life, from being an athlete herself to becoming a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. In her classes, Briana hopes to […]

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Nathan McDonald

Nathan McDonald is a lifelong martial artist who has trained in boxing, tae kwon do, kickboxing, mma, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Focusing on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the last few […]

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