Robert Maldonado

Robert’s love of MMA started early, as he began wrestling in junior high and continued through high school where he was on the varsity wrestling team all 4 years. After high […]

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Thomas Aguirre

Thomas started taking kickboxing classes back in 2005. He quickly developed a passion for the sport and started competing in kickboxing and Muay Thai in 2006. He had several amateur […]

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Jocelyn Bonham

Jocelyn Bonham has been a kickboxing instructor with Boxing Inc since 2010! She enjoys delivering classes that not only get you in shape, but also teach you the fundamentals of […]

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Derric Samuels

Derric began his training in martial arts at the young age of 10 and has experience with multiple disciplines including taekwondo, karate, boxing, kung fu, wushu, and sanda. What Derric loves about […]

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Wes Sanford

Wes has 7 years of MMA and Muay Thai experience and also enjoys lifting weights. He is committed to being a lifetime student of martial arts as well as learning daily […]

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Nicole Benge

Nicole has been physically active her entire life. When she began getting bored of her usual fitness routine of running and lifting, she decided to look for alternatives and found […]

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Ed “Wild” West

Ed “Wild” West has fought in Bellator and is a very well known high level Pro MMA fighter in Tucson AZ. He teaches MMA and Youth Classes. He has been […]

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Brittany Kidwell

Brittany joined Boxing Inc all the way back in 2009! After doing a little bit of everything including Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Crossfit, she joined the Boxing Inc coaching staff […]

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Van Jr Sanders

Van “JR” Sanders is experienced in several styles of fighting such as Taekwondo, Boxing, Wing Chung, Kickboxing, Submission Grappling and focuses on Strength & Conditioning. Van has been training in […]

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Zen Montano

Zen Montano has competed in MMA and Muay Thai tournaments and now teaches Boxing and Muay Thai classes. Zen has fought in both Muay Thai and MMA fights. He trains […]

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