Confuse your Muscles to Conquer your Plateau

Have you met your limit in your workout regime? Day in and day out you hit the gym, but are not feeling it anymore? This means you’ve hit a plateau, but do not fear. There are ways, with determination, to jump over hurdles and dig yourself out of a rut.

A training plateau could mean you have stopped being able to add weights to your reps, or maybe you’ve stopped gaining muscle and simply are not seeing any more results. This can bring you down and hinder motivation. Just know, it’s perfectly normal for our bodies to acclimate to the stress we put on during weight or boxing training.

Frustration or confusion as to why you are not progressing could cause you to completely stop trying. Don’t do that! There’s always solutions and we’ve got plenty to share. Here are just a few tips to get you back on your feet and feeling pumped again.

Make strategic changes to your training program.

You need to switch up your workout routine. If all you’re doing is leg presses for legs, machines for chest, and pull-downs for your back, add in more squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and overhead presses. Or, choose a new rep range. Write it down and map it out. If you are consistently doing 3-5, 6-8, or 9-12 reps, try 13-15 and up. If you consistently do 1×4, 1×6 and 1×8, switch it up and do 1×6, 1×4 and 1×8. Or, try adding less weight and make a massive increase in reps. The slightest bits of change will shock your body and make it respond again.

Confuse your Muscles to Conquer Plateaus


Explore Superset Training.

When it comes to fitness the mantra “less is more” is helpful, especially when doing Supersets. According to Men’s Fitness, a superset is when one exercise is done immediately after another, with no rest time in between. After one Superset is done, a rest or recovery time of one and a half to two minutes is taken. Not only will this cut your workout time in half, it will keep your heart rate up during the whole workout, so you’re burning fat faster.

Mix in Cardio with Strength Training.

Even adding walking to your weightlifting or boxing program could help you overcome your plateau. Interval training is a way to shock your body, like we talked about before, so that you see beyond your rut. Instead of walking for 30 minutes at a consistent pace, an interval training approach would be walking for 30 minutes, changing speed and incline every 1 to 3 minutes. Make sure if you choose a certain cardio program to change it up every 4-6 weeks, so you don’t hit another plateau. The key to all of this is change.

Step outside of your boundaries and try something new.

If all you’ve been doing is going to the gym at the same time every day, doing the same routine every day…well of course you’re going to plateau. This is basically how muscle memory is created. Use new muscles and you’ll feel a difference immediately. Easy ways to do this is by trying a new class, such as kickboxing or sparring. Or meet with a personal trainer and have a whole new exercise program developed for you. Learning different techniques and stepping outside of the box is one of the best ways to boost results.

Tire muscles at different times.

If you start with legs, and then move onto working out your back, then go onto arms typically, move your pattern around. Trust us, push-ups will seem a lot harder at the end of your workout if you usually do them in the beginning or middle. Remember to work your larger muscles first always to avoid injury.

These are just a few of the tips we offer, and we encourage you to send us your comments for other tips. Remember to stay positive. The glass is always half full when it comes to fitness. Humans are happier when they make progress. You’ll find that with a little, or a lot, of change you will start to put on even more muscle and shed some fat in the process.

With an open mind, hard work, and a solid game plan your plateau will be last month’s news. Once you overcome your obstacles, you’ll find you can transition back to your regular training program and be amazed at your body’s reaction.


Boxing Incorporated is proud to be the home training facility for top level athletes competing in a variety of sports. Below are some of our athletes and their accomplishments, and Boxing Incorporated couldn’t be more proud! 

Nick “NyQuil” Rhoads

  • 2010 All Powers Combat Featherweight Champion
  • 2014 WFF MMA Featherweight Champion
  • 2016 Prestige MMA Featherweight Champion
  • 2017 Paramount MMA Featherweight Champion


Ed “Wild” West

  • Pro MMA fighter since 2003, over 30 pro fights
  • 8x bellator MMA champion
  • 2x NAGA expert masters champion
  • Held titles for RITC 145lbs, Desert Rage 135lbs, Aggression MMA 135lbs


Jerome Gage

  • Desert Quest champion
  • Multiple-time NAGA champion
  • Two-time alternate for U.S. Grappling World Team
  • Two-time Nevada Police/Fire Olympics Champion
  • Silver at 2009 IBJFF American No-Gi Nationals


Nathan McDonald

  • 2017 Pan American IBJJF Gold (Masters 3 Purple Belt)
  • 3 time NAGA Champion
  • American Grappling Federation Gold medal winner
  • 2016, 2017 Grand Canyon State Gold medal winner


Ashild “JD” Traedal

  • 2016 World Master IBJJF Championship Bronze (Masters 1, Blue Belt)
  • 2016 Season Champion JJWL (Masters, Blue Belt)
  • 2015-2017: Multiple-time JJWL Champion
  • Multiple-time AZ International Open Champion
  • NAGA Champion
  • Grand Canyon State Champion


Manny Guajardo

  • Gene Lewis invitational boxing tournament winner
  • 2013 & 2014 Golden Gloves champion
  • 2013 & 2014 Adidas National Boxing tournament competitor
  • 2014 Regional Golden Gloves Best bout
  • 2015 USA National Tournament qualifier and competitor


Jocelyn Bonham 

  • Tucson Bicycle Classic 3 Day Stage Race: 1st Place Masters Division (35+)
  • Tolero Criterium Race: 2nd Place Women’s CAT3/4
  • San Tan Criterium Race: 2nd Place Women’s CAT3
  • AZ State champion for Criterium Racing 2015 & 2016
  • Tour De Tucson Platinum finisher 104 miles with a time of 4hrs 47 minutes


Van “Junior” Sanders 

  • 2016 NPC Natural Outlaw Finalist


Nicole Benge

  • 2016 NPC Bikini Megatron/ Terminator competitor 
  • 2nd Place in Bikini Open and 5th Place in Novice division


Hailey Erickson 

  • 4th place in the 2016 NPC Terminator


Jay Petersen

  • 2011 NAGA Champion
  • Bronze medal 2011 American Nationals No-Gi
  • Multiple-time AZ Open, AZ State, and AZ Southwest Classic silver and bronze medalist


Kelsey Walcott 

  • Competitive weightlifter, 69 KG weight class
  • medalist in multiple local weightlifting meets 


Elijah Costello 

  • USA Amateur Boxing competitor 


Sebastian Vargas

  • USA Amateur Boxing competitor 

It’s All About Teamwork

Get Physical with Group Training at Boxing Inc. Eastside

People have been abandoning the solo workout train these days to hop on board with group training sessions. Designating a workout buddy may be inspiring, but imagine having a workout team behind you. That kind of motivation is the driving force behind most of our classes at Boxing Inc. Not only do we provide classes that are challenging and fun, we also provide an atmosphere where people are working with each other to set and meet their fitness goals.
These people in your workout classes can end up being some of your biggest allies. When your flight or fight response is stimulated through rigorous physical activity, you unknowingly bond with the people living the same experience as you. Our classes are designed to be challenging at any fitness level, using a combination of cardio, weights and body weight techniques. Continually pushing your limits out a little bit farther every workout builds strength, character, and also builds friendships and relationships with the people with you on your journey. Think about it, these people have watched you from your start to your present.
Boxing may have built it’s home in the fight but the workout routine has come a long way since then. Boxing serves a multi-faceted workout for even the most experienced gym rat. The relationship that you build with your boxing workout team strengthens with each push. Capturing the power of your partners and pushing them to go a little bit harder and farther in their practice builds a trusting relationship between all participants.
Even beginners can find strength in these new relationships by letting their guard down, both physically and psychologically, and giving faith to the process. The gym should be a place where a person can escape the pressures of their daily grind and let out a little aggression in a space designated for just that. We love seeing the raw passion in our client’s workout routine, we love pushing them to access new and better parts of their strength and we absolutely revel in their progression.
Group therapy is effective for a number of reasons and it’s no different in boxing. Anytime a person is surrounded by like-minded people, that energy is contagious and in a physically demanding environment – the right attitude can keep a whole group pushing forward. Being able to see the effects a singular person has on an entire community is a truly powerful feeling. Watching our clients interact with each other, push each other and hold one another accountable for their goals is a step in progression beyond our own individual capabilities.
Our boxing gym offers many different classes for all ranges of experience, we aim to make our gyms a place where anyone can feel like they can participate. More than that, your participation is absolutely necessary to provide everyone with a challenging experience and workout. The more you show up and engage, the more relationships you’ll develop on the way to accomplishing your physical fitness goals. And there’s no better feeling in the world than having a team of supporters by your side to celebrate when you finally achieve your results.