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Trained fighters are among the best conditioned athletes in the world, and with Boxing Incorporated, you experience the professional training regimens that can transform anyone into a fighter. There is no more satisfying way to build lean muscle mass and burn fat. Be a part of the future of fitness. Let Boxing Incorporated show you how it’s done and why it works! This is your Fitness to Fighting Training Center!®

Our North Gym Has Moved!

4695 N Oracle Rd

As of Feb. 29th. our North Gym is now located 5 minutes from our original location. Find us at 4695 N Oracle Rd between Oracle Rd and Auto Mall Dr across the street from the Tucson Mall.

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Why You’ll Love Boxing Inc

Boxing Inc is the best gym with boxing classes in Tucson near you! With two accessible Tucson locations and guidance from the top boxing trainers around, you’ll find fitness with a fun twist. Sign up for a free class to improve your endurance and get in shape.

The Top Rated Boxing Trainers in Tucson

Boxing Inc offers the top rated boxing classes in Tucson. If you’re looking for boxing classes near you or boxing lessons lead by professional coaches and competitive fighters, look no further.

We Offer More Than Just Boxing

Our gym offers work out classes and equipment for more than just boxing. If you’re looking to get in great shape, build muscle mass, or burn fat, you’ll have access to state of the art equipment for all your weightlifting, cardio, and fitness needs.

Read What Our Members Have to Say

Boxing Inc has been a great improvement in my life since I started training. I've noticed an improvement in my energy level and enthusiasm for a regular workout routine.

Frank Johnson, 23 Eastside Gym. Tucson, Az

All my life I have worked out the way most people have by running on the treadmill and lifting weights. I never knew what a REAL workout was until | came to Boxing Inc.

Charlotte Delacrouix, 31 Eastside Gym. Tucson, Az.

I started Boxing Inc 1 year ago, and I am in the best shape of my lifel It is never boring and so much fun! I've done the typical gym routine and NOTHING compares to Boxing Inc for fitness.

Robyn Cobos, 42 Eastside Gym. Tucson, Az.