Boxing Exercises To Try At Home

Missed Gym Class? Here Are Some Boxing Exercises You Can Try at Home 

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If you want to stay in shape, improve your overall fitness, and enjoy a wealth of other benefits (such as improved hand-eye coordination), there are very few better sports than boxing. As you probably know, going to boxing classes doesn’t necessarily mean you want to be set up with fights. Whether you’re a casual boxer or an aspiring professional, we have some brilliant exercises you can do at home if you happen to miss a class

Fighting Burpee

fitness franchise opportunitiesYou’ve seen a normal burpee, but now it’s time for the boxing variation of this exercise; the fighting burpee. To start, lie down facing the floor with your palms flat on the surface. When you’re ready, push up, spring your feet towards your hands, and jump upwards. As you land in a boxing stance, throw a punch with each arm, and then back to the floor. 

While this might seem easy enough, this exercise will have your whole body working hard and you’ll need to keep punching through the burning sensation for 15 reps. 

Survivor Plank 

A normal plank is too easy, right? With this one, there’s an added twist because you’re going to be alternating between forearm and palm as you hold your weight. If you start in the normal plank position, lift your right arm and place the palm down. Then, follow with your left. Now in the push-up position, put your right forearm to the floor and then the left. Once you’ve done both forearms and palms to the floor, this is one rep; we recommend aiming for 15 per set. 

Lunging Punch 

While like a normal lunge, for the most part, this time you’re going to snap a punch at the bottom of the lunge. If your right leg is forward, punch with your right arm and then stand back up. Not only will this build strength in your arms, but the lunging punch can also be brilliant for the core and overall balance. Again, 15 reps should work perfectly in each set. 

Jump Rope 

One of the easiest exercises around, jump rope for three minutes at the start of your workout will quickly get the blood pumping. If you don’t have one at home, you can still jump while pretending there’s a rope in your hand just this time. If you’re planning to do regular boxing workouts at home, we highly recommend making this small investment; having a real rope will train coordination and balance (just two reasons why professionals jump rope every single day!)

The great thing about jump rope is the many variations that exist; you could try double jumps, figure eights, or even high knees for added work. 

Shadow Boxing 

our personal fitness trainersEven if you don’t have the pads to hit, you can still spar with an imaginary partner as part of your training. As long as you try different combinations and keep the feet moving, you can practice endurance as well as ensuring correct form with each punch. For example, a double jab, cross punch, jab, cover combination will keep you moving. 


Finally, how can we have any type of home workout without the trusted push-up? Working the chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, and more, the push-up will focus on the upper body; something that’s essential for boxing. Since we’re focusing on boxing in this guide, you could try diamond push-ups and other variations that’ll make the exercise harder. 

Never Miss a Class Again 

When life gets in the way and you miss the real boxing class, you can put on one of your own in the living room. With these simple exercises, you’ll mirror the work you would be doing at the gym but in the comfort of your own home! If you’re new to boxing and want to learn more about the classes we offer, stop by for a free class and learn why Boxing Inc is the fastest growing Gym in Tucson. With three locations we have the killer workouts designed to get you into the shape of your life. We also offer Crossfit, BJJ, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Personal Training and more. 


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