Meet Bruce: Another One of Our Members Who Found Their Fight

“Boxing Inc. is the best thing that has happened to me. I started my fitness journey in January 2017 by changing my lifestyle, and I got as far as I could on my own going from 240lbs to 200lbs. In April 2017, I started boxing 5 days as week at Boxing Inc. Once I got some stamina, I started to do the CrossFit classes and that’s where I have been ever since. I’ve been doing CrossFit every day,(can’t stop-won’t stop)! All the trainers from Kelsey, John, Kirsten the G-man(1D) are all great, they know exactly what to do for you mobility-wise and help scale things down so that you get the best out of each workout. When I started my fitness journey, I was 240lbs and 40″ in waist. Doing my part in addition to the help I got from the trainers at Boxing Inc., I’m now 170lbs and 32″ in waist and loving my life! My thanks to everyone.”
-Bruce M.”